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Clients - Concept & Working Drawings

This Feature is an Experiment in the Latest way to Review Plans
using a Viewer called "Autodesk 360". It allows Clients, Subcontractors and Suppliers
to View the Project Plans on the Internet. It eliminates Paper Based Drawings and Saves time
in the Planning, Cost Calculating and Execution of a Project. All concerned Parties can now have
access to the Plans ( Including Revisions) in Real Time by simply Accessing our Web Site.
To use the Application, Move your Mouse Pointer into the Drawing Field area and use your Mouse
scroll wheel to Zoom in or Out. Click on the Pan(Hand) Icon, Press and hold the left Mouse Button
to move the Drawing Around. To Scroll the Web Page, move your Mouse Pointer outside the
Drawing Field Frame and Scroll as you normally Would.
Below are Examples of this Feature. Please Call us for more Details at 703 818 0962.

Harrison Residence - Kitchen

Alvarez Residence

Burnett Drawing

Fairfax County

Contractors Board

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