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Strano & Co LLC

"Real Home Improvement Services"

Services Offered


We offer Consulting Services on a wide Variety of Home Projects
These Include:
Local Zoning & Building Code Issues
Whole House Rennovations
Energy Efficiency Improvements
"Green" or Sustainable Home Improvements
Structural or Cosmetic Carpentry

Design/ Build

Strano & Company offers Complete Design/ Build Services exclusively for Residential Projects
Starting with Design Ideas & Concept Drawings (See our Architectural Plans Service below)
Our Experience allows us to Create Customized Plans & Specifications for your unique Project
As an Energy Star Builder, we offer the most up to Date designs to ensure Energy Efficiency and Comfort.


Strano & Co specializes in Custom Room Additions and Second Story Add ons
We have completed hundreds of Projects over the Years
Our Company provides the Designs & Drawings for the Project


Strano & Co offers complete Remodeling Services

Master Carpenters

As a Former Company that Specialized exclusively in Carpentry, today Strano & Co
is a leader in innovative structural framing. Whether you need Bearing Walls removed, A custom Staircase designed
and Built, a Roof Built over an existing Patio or Second Story Deck, we can do the Job
We also install all types of Architectural Mouldings

Net Zero Ready and Passive House Homes

Coming Soon

Strano & Co is a member of the Energy Star Builder's Program for New Homes
We are also in membership with "Passive House" USA


The homes will Incorporate "Energy Star" Standards, as well as Provide most of the Energy required for the Home.
These Homes will also meet the "LEED" (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) that Incorporate
Features such as Rain Water Harvesting, The use of Sustainable & Recyclable Building Materials, Reuse of
Greywater, Low Flow Faucets, Motion Sensors for Lighting, Heat Recovery and Ventilation
systems, Integrated Photovoltaic Arrays for Electricity Production, Solar Thermal Evacuated Tubes for Hot Water Supply,
DC Powered Appliances and Wall outlets for Low Voltage Devices, Lithiom Ion and next Generation Battery Storage Systems,
and many other exciting Features. A lower Carbon Footprint and Self Sufficient Homes will
soon be available.

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